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Online Course

Understanding Fire Service Culture

It is imperative that psychologists working within the fire service understand the unique needs of the firefighter and his or her family.  This psychological exploration of the fire service culture looks at behavioral outcomes such as performance standards, jargon, shift work, barriers to psychological services, adjustment strategies, organizational demands, challenges to interpersonal relationships, diversity, and methods currently used to address trauma exposure.  This course is APA approved and provides 8 hours of CE.

Preventing PTSD: Common Reactions to Critical Incidents

Course Designed for Departments

Enroll in our research based and innovative class for firefighters at all levels of their career. Our qualified and experienced instructors serve as facilitators of the learning process. Instead of simply lecturing, they guide department members by helping make sense of course materials, encouraging them to ask questions and explore solutions, and promoting the use of resources outside of the classroom.


Course Designed for Mental Health Clinicians

This class aims to guide mental health clinicians through the culture of the fire service. Mental health providers will understand how they can best support the mental health of their clients by understanding the culture of their workplaces and lifestyles. Our students get the chance to apply their problem solving and critical thinking skills within a challenging learning environment that requires active participation. Stop by one of our classes to see for yourself.


Course Designed for Departments

Creating and maintaining healthy families, while working within the fire service, requires that members understand family dynamics, interpersonal skill-sets and needs, as well as ways to actively support the family structure. Both the firefighter and the family members have unique roles that influence the health of those relationships. To foster them, a person must understand them. This class is designed to empower firefighters to create and maintain healthy family dynamics.

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